Stories by Danielle Flood
Published: AP A-wire with byline September 9, 1973 and in The New York Times September 10, 1973 without byline. Exclusive interview.
New York (AP) --A German nurse who survived four years of North Vietnamese captivity recalled Sunday how she wiled away her hours in a wooden hut with dreams of building schools and hospitals...

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"A Kennedy Fund Raising Tennis Tournament."

Published: AP A-wire with byline August 26, 1973

NEW YORK (AP) -- It was a typical Kennedy fund raising affair. Lots of famous faces. Lots of hustle and bustle. And $100,000 worth of success...

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Danielle Flood garners exclusive interview with first female POW released by North Vietnamese.

"Japan's Prime Minister Tanaka Jokes and Reminisces"

Published: AP A-wire with no byline August 2, l973.

New York (AP) -- After sipping California chablis at a fish luncheon with 27 2 members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce today (Thu) Japan's Prime Minister Kakuei (CQ) Tanaka told a few jokes, said the country's economic progress was good and reminisced about his last New York visit...

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