Piscataqua Press, Portsmouth, NH 




In The Unquiet Daughter, a journalist born of the wartime love triangle that inspired the one in English novelist Graham Greene’s The Quiet American searches for her British father after barely surviving a bizarre youth of privilege, bewilderment, cruelty and estrangement.


As she yearns for the love and presence of a father – and that of anyone in her family that was kept from her -- her tall, beautiful French and Vietnamese mother leaves her in burlesque house dressing rooms in the American Midwest, in convent schools in Long Island and Dublin and with strangers in New York City. Meanwhile she lies to Danielle about who she is and their past for decades in this sometime-humorous near-tragic multiple love story and mystery. “I was a living mystery,” Flood says.


Finally, Danielle uses her investigative journalism skills to find the truth of what happened between her three parents in early 1950’s Saigon, where walking down a street or turning a corner could end your life. She relates what she found within the historic sweep of her family’s history across Southeast Asia, the US, the UK and France during more than a hundred years.


“I have been looking for home in my house again through these windows that are my eyes, “ Flood says in the beginning of The Unquiet Daughter. Does she find it by the end of her journey for the truth of who she is?




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