Stories by Danielle Flood

Published: May 2, l976
PEDRICKTOWN, N.J. -- "There is an orange fog that envelops various neighborhoods here from time to time. In recent months, it has come almost weekly. Now it has the 'high towners' riled..."

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 Published:  May 12, l976

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 Published: June l9, l977
New York, N.Y. -- "Richard Singer, who is l5, stands alone in his room in the Bronx. He faces his closet door. It is nighttime. A song comes on the radio. "Oh that's horrible," he says.
"Who is he talking to?
"The window is open. So is the window of the man's apartment next door.
"Soon maybe they will have a stereo war, as they have had before..."

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 Published: February 27, l977
New York, N.Y. -- There are many things Patricia Burstein loves about her apartment at 40 Central Park South, including leaving it on weekends. "Because it is dark. Because she is tired of finding out whether or not it is sunny from the reflection on the windows of the Park Lane Hotel. "I feel like a giraffe..." 

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"Where Smoking is an Elective"

Published: April 4, l976

Long Beach, N.Y. -- "A cigarette butt is flicked from the fingers of a 15-year-old. It spins for a moment, then smolders on the white linoleum floor, a floor speckled with tar and nicotine stains..."

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"School for Smoking"

Published: March 20, l977

New Canaan, Conn. -- "Linda Krenicki, 15 years old, sat alone on one side of the New Canaan High School cafeteria, where the prevailing smell was of chicken and spaghetti. "It's pointless to sit over there," she said, "nodding toward the other side of the cafeteria, where a faint blue-gray cloud of cigarette smoke hovered over 200 students. "It's gross," Linda said, "the smoke, the smoke, the butts..."

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"Growing Up in Smoke"

Published: March 27, l977

Bronxville, N.Y. -- In the vestibule of the Bronxville High School cafeteria, a 16-year-old Bronxvile Broncos cheerleader took a long strong drag on a cigarette, blew out a mess of smoke, tugged at her jacket until it covered the big B and bucking-bronco emblem on her uniform, crossed her feet until her brown and white saddle shoes cuddled each other, and giggled. "We're not suppsoed to smoke in uniform," she said. "It's a school rule; it's the school reputation. And if we do, we're supposed to cover up the emblem. We're not supposed to let a teacher see us smoke in uniform and we're not supposed to smoke during a game."

But out of uniform, 10th, 11th, and 12th -grade Bronxville students are allowed to smoke in a designated courtyard on school grounds and when the weather is bad in a small...

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"Attics, Repositories of the Past, Are Themselves Passing"

Published: August 22, l976

There are times when Kathy DiGiovanna feels as if she's living beneath Grand Central Station. They are the times when her children are riding a 16-foot-long, two-foot-high, four-car train on a 50-foot circular track -- in her attic.

"The attic holds the whole history of the house, in a way," said Mrs. DiGiovanna

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"Detente With the Babysitter"

Published: April 3, l977

THE CHARACTERS: The Mother. The Father. The Babysitter, age 16. The Daughter, age 6. Scene One -- The Mother and Father on the front seat of a car on the Merritt Parkway early Saturday Night. 

The Mother: "Did you think that girl is O.K., Hubert? Did you see those records she brought? She had the Beatles' white album. Hubert they listen to that album loud. If Amy starts crying she's not going to her her. I'm calling the house as soon as we get to the Newtons."


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"Nonprofit Agency Helps Women Re-enter Job Market"

Published: February 22, 1976

Carroll Presant of East Brunswick recently answered a newspaper ad for a laboratory technician, but the man at the personnel agency that ran the ad never called her back.

So she called him again.

"He said he didn't call me because he couldn't reach the man who was hiring the lab technician. I told him one phone call would have sufficed."

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"Extension at Columbia, a Case for Building Down"

Published: July 31, l977

A newcomer's confusion with a sprawling campus is usually eased as he grows accustomed to guideposts -- mainly other buildings. "If that's Fayerweather Hall, this must be Avery," he learns. But should he meander through the new extension to the Graduate School of Architecture and Planning at Columbia University after it opes this fall, he may find himself repeatedly asking the question, " Where am I now?"

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